i4C’s consultants built a Sharepoint portal for a large-scale construction company in a way that increased collaboration and the ease to find necessary tools and documents.


As a national construction company modernized and housed more of its documentation on desktops and laptops, documents were being sent over email and their employees had difficulty organizing necessary documents. There were issues with employees using the wrong versions of key documents along with a lack of immediate collaboration as documents could not be edited simultaneously by different stakeholders.


The solution was the creation of a well-defined and organized Sharepoint portal/site for their business needs.


Our consultants began with an initial phase of building a governance framework ensuring that there were guidelines created and change management methodology.  The network topology, site structure, and document management policies were created along with a clear group of early adopters.  They also worked on a communication and roll-out plan, a valuable and often missed step.

The roll-out was completed with 5 team-site waves.  Requirements gathering sessions occurred with each site to review their IM needs, the metadata, and the workflow requirements.  The initial Sharepoint site would be developed and Quality Assured with early access being given to perform UAT.  There were weekly reviews with adjustments and content being added followed by training.  Following the rollouts, the extranet site for external partners was created using similar methodologies.


The site is widely used and there has been an increase in collaboration and the ease to complete required tasks and documentation.  Internal and external stakeholders are able to communicate and collaborate with ease increasing the productivity of the company.

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Reasons you should migrate to SharePoint

  1. Increased accessibility: Sharepoint allows you to access your files from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that your team can work on your files from any device and location.
  2. Improved collaboration and productivity: Sharepoint provides collaborative tools and features that enable team members to work on the same file simultaneously, reducing the need for multiple versions of a single document. This also reduces the needs for physical meetings to share data or insights increasing productivity.
  3. Enhanced security: Sharepoint provides robust security features that ensure that your files are secure and protected from unauthorized access.
  4. Reduced storage costs: By migrating your files to Sharepoint, you can reduce your storage costs by eliminating the need to maintain on-premise servers.
  5. Simplified document management: Sharepoint provides a centralized platform where all your files can be stored, organized, and managed, making it easy to keep track of revisions, updates, and changes.
  6. Disaster recovery: Sharepoint provides a disaster recovery solution that enables you to recover your files quickly in the event of a disaster or data loss.

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