4C Consulting had the distinct privilege of collaborating with the a Public Sector department after winning an RFP to enhance their Microsoft Dynamics applications. This project aimed to support a wide range of solution development activities crucial for the department’s operations over a multi-year contract.


Our role involved:

  • Lifecycle Management: Managing the coding lifecycle from development to production across multiple environments for HR and Common Data Services.
  • Customization and Development: Tailoring and expanding the MS Dynamics environments to meet evolving business needs.
  • Business Analysis and Planning: Analyzing business requirements, developing tasks, and creating strategic user stories and test plans.


Through our expert development and strategic planning, the department was able to leverage enhanced functionalities within their MS Dynamics environment, leading to more streamlined operations and improved data management. Our team also focused on knowledge transfer to ensure sustainability and self-sufficiency of the department’s technical staff going forward.

This case study underscores i4C Consulting’s commitment to delivering sophisticated technology solutions that empower government functions and foster operational excellence.


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