CASE STUDY: employee training

We revolutionized a government department’s employee training through expert e-learning consultants.


The RCMP had initiated a significant number of multi-year projects aimed at reducing cost, increasing efficiencies, and reducing the amount of manual effort required to support business activities along with integrating key business areas of financial, human resources and asset management. In keeping with the overarching systems strategy of the Government of Canada, RCMP leveraged SAP R/3 as its integrated financial and asset management information system of record, and Oracle PeopleSoft version 8.9 as its integrated human resources information system of record. RCMP tightly integrated its SAP R/3 and Oracle PeopleSoft systems to ensure appropriate and controlled data sharing across the two systems.

Consequently, over 40 training manuals were identified as being out of date and in need of being reassessed, which resulted in the requirement for many of the manuals to be modernized to on-line training or updated for future classroom and blended training.

The Corporate Management Systems Client Services Team (CMS-CST) is responsible to provide support and training services to RCMP end users. Multiple fully integrated SAP modules have been implemented at the RCMP, and as is common with systems of this size, constant maintenance and

enhancement to the support services and training material were required to satisfy end users’ changing requirements and to support the implementation of new functionality as introduced by the vendor, the

SAP Cluster group or as mandated by government legislation.


I4C provided RCMP’s Corporate Management Systems with development services to support the enhancement and modernization of their current training platform and documentation for major projects that had already been implemented and to deliver on the sustainability of training new employees.

I4C consultants reviewed existing training material such as uPerform topics, and existing training manuals, in order to convert to on-line learning where appropriate and identify opportunities for improvement.  The I4C Developers also provided knowledge transfer to other Client Services resources and Regional Business System units in the regions.


The I4C consultants provided RCMP with the following services:

    • Provided guidance and advice to clients with respect to courseware and training strategies.
    • Leveraged uPerform to design and develop instructional material for SAP system procedures that supported technical products.
    • Demonstrated and utilized effective needs analysis, procedure development, and evaluation skills and performed needs assessment for training purposes.
    • Planned and monitored training projects.
    • Developed storyboards and ensured that procedure sequences, content and graphics concepts were aligned with the project’s production standards.
    • Developed preliminary layouts with business analysts to validate and enhance content and presentation.
    • Prepared courseware products for delivery by compiling, packaging and exporting the content into the final delivery format.
    • Developed learning packages and documentation using automated tools such as uPerform.
    • Audited and edited all developed learning products for accuracy, completeness, flow, balance, and clarity of understanding, in accordance with applicable instructions.
    • Recommended sound solutions to resolve technical and administrative problems within the scope of the effort.
    • Developed and coordinated training plans and logistics for training delivery.
    • Worked with end-users, subject matter experts, and business analysts to design and develop user documentation and instructional materials.
    • Assisted in assessing the requirements for populating a training database.


The successful design, development, and implementation of modernized, updated, and improved training materials and documentation for the RCMP Corporate Management Systems Client Services Team.


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