i4C is a partner of Private Sector companies in Edmonton, driving success through technology.


i4C is a partner of Private Sector companies in Toronto, driving success through technology.

Edmonton’s technology scene is dynamic and growing, with several key aspects and companies contributing to its landscape:

Tech Scene Overview

  • Rapid Growth: Edmonton’s tech industry has seen a significant increase in jobs, with a 26% rise since 2014. This growth has moved Edmonton into the 10th spot in a Canadian city ranking based on tech talent appeal​.
  • Salary Context: Did you know that the average wage for a software developer in Edmonton is competitive, positioned between the averages of Vancouver and Montreal.
  • Diverse IT Companies: Edmonton tech jobs has a 26% increase in a five year span, moving into the top 10 of CBRE’s study of Canadian cities appeal to tech workers and companies.

Notable Tech Companies

  1. Trust Science: A financial technology company focused on providing loans to credit-invisible people in North America using alternative data and predictive insights, you can check out Trust Science’s careers page for more information.
  2. Nu Terra Labs: Specializes in AI and ML systems to automate greenhouses and vertical farms, offering innovative solutions in the agriculture/agri-food industry.
  3. Supreme International: Involved in the manufacturing sector, providing products and solutions for the agriculture industry​, you can find out more about Supreme International careers on their page.
  4. Norquest Industries Inc.: A software-empowered machine shop staying at the cutting edge of machine tool technology​, you can find out more about tech jobs in Edmonton at Norquest Industries on their career page.
  5. Katch Kan: Known for its environmental technologies in the oil and gas drilling industry, emphasizing safety and reducing environmental footprint​, Katch Kan’s careers page has roles in the tech space in Edmonton.
  6. Cropland Solutions: Innovating in mobile and app development to enhance agriculture productivity and soil quality​, check out their Jobs in Canada page for any roles..

Employment Opportunities

  • Diverse Roles: These companies are currently hiring for a wide range of positions, from cloud engineers and data scientists to software developers and R&D engineers, reflecting the diverse needs and growth in Edmonton’s tech sector​.

Key Takeaways

  • Innovation Hub: Edmonton has established itself as a hub for innovation and technological advancement in various sectors including agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, and energy.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: The city’s tech ecosystem is characterized by entrepreneurial spirit, with many startups and small-to-medium-sized businesses driving growth and innovation.
  • Continuous Growth: Despite challenges like cuts to tax credits, Edmonton’s tech industry continues to thrive and expand, offering ample opportunities for employment and innovation​​.

In summary, Edmonton’s tech scene is marked by rapid growth, a competitive environment, and a diverse range of companies and employment opportunities across various industries. This dynamic environment presents a fertile ground for technological innovation and professional growth.

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