i4C Consulting’s key goal is to help our partners across Canada find the most talented candidates to help achieve their business goals.  This often involves placing highly skilled IT consultants however our processes are transferable to other skill sets.  Our successful recruitment process is designed to bring exceptional talent to our clients and ensure the perfect match for both candidates and companies. We begin by thoroughly understanding the client’s requirements and culture, enabling us to create a comprehensive job profile. Leveraging our extensive network and proactive sourcing strategies, we identify and engage with highly qualified candidates, assessing their skills, experience, and cultural fit. Our rigorous screening and interviewing process allows us to shortlist the most promising candidates, whom we present to the client for further evaluation. Through effective communication and transparent feedback, we facilitate productive interviews and assessments, guiding the decision-making process. Once the ideal candidate is selected, we assist with the negotiation of offers, ensuring a successful acceptance. Our commitment to continuous improvement and maintaining strong relationships with both clients and candidates allows us to consistently deliver successful recruitment outcomes that drive organizational growth and individual career advancement.

This successful recruitment was for a Post Secondary Institution (University) based in Europe who needed an ETL Migration consultant.

The consultant’s responsibilities included:

  • Develop ETLs to migrate source data (mostly Oracle) to the destination cloud-based system based on the provided business requirements.

  • Work with the HRP and Research project teams to develop, test and execute the ETLs.

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