i4C Consulting spearheaded the first Microsoft M365 cloud migration for a major National company, marking a significant technological advancement for the organization. The project aimed to transition over 40,000 employees to Microsoft M365’s online collaboration tools, enhancing productivity and communication across the enterprise.


Our team collaborated closely with senior management and selected integrators to design a structured rollout program for the M365 Migration. This strategic approach ensured a smooth and efficient adoption of the cloud-based tools across various departments.  


A major highlight of this project was the migration of one of Canada’s largest on-premise SharePoint farms, approximately 20TB in size, to a new SharePoint Online document management system. This complex migration was meticulously planned and executed by i4C’s experts, demonstrating our capability in managing large-scale digital transformations.


The successful implementation of M365 and SharePoint Online has significantly improved the company’s operational efficiency and has set a new standard for future cloud migrations within the company.

This case study exemplifies i4C Consulting’s leadership in cloud solutions and our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology strategies that drive client success.


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