Marketing Segmentation

Access the Digital ID for 93% of Canadian Households

In today’s fast-paced marketing landscape, precision is key. i4C Consulting introduces an innovative marketing segmentation platform, revolutionizing how organizations target and understand their audiences. With a unique Digital ID for 93% of Canadian households mapped to the 6-digit postal code, our platform offers unprecedented accuracy in audience targeting.

Exceptional Audience Building and Understanding: Our platform empowers organizations to effectively build and refine their audience segments. Users can upload customer and prospect data, applying filters to create lookalike audiences and utilize geofencing for maximum audience expansion. The platform’s pre-built personas and customizable segments enable businesses to adopt a more personalized marketing approach, ensuring content and messaging resonate with each unique audience.

marketing segmentation


Omnichannel Audience Activation: Activate your audiences across multiple channels seamlessly. The platform integrates with major ad managers like Facebook/Instagram, Google Ads, and Canada Post DM, facilitating a true omnichannel strategy. This integration ensures consistent messaging across channels, enhancing engagement and increasing conversion chances.

Cutting-Edge Data Precision and Updates: What sets our platform apart is its cookieless solution, utilizing the latest technology for precise geofencing capabilities, perfect for targeted marketing campaigns. The data is refreshed quarterly, ensuring the latest information for accurate targeting.

Connectivity and Data Richness: The platform functions standalone or connected to Snowflake, providing access to an extensive array of data variables. With 94 pre-built segments and over 25,000 data variables distilled into 21 themes, including automotive details, psychographics, and more, the depth of insights is unparalleled. Our data sources are diverse and robust, ranging from Statistics Canada Data to real-time digital device data from over 40 million devices.

Automotive Geofencing – A Unique Use Case: A standout application of our platform is in the automotive sector, where dealerships can geofence competitors, collecting digital IDs from potential customers visiting rival locations. These IDs are then used to target customers with timely and compelling ads, like special offers or event invitations. This approach can also extend to targeting demographic-specific neighborhoods or popular community spots.

Conclusion with Call to Action: Elevate your marketing game with i4C Consulting’s marketing segmentation platform. Embrace the power of precise targeting and omnichannel strategies to reach your audience more effectively than ever before. Contact us today to discover how our platform can transform your marketing efforts into tangible results.  Learn more about the power of customer segmentation and some of our other marketing services.