i4C’s headquarters are housed in Canada’s capital, servicing the Federal Government and Private Sector.


i4C’s headquarters are housed in Canada’s capital, servicing the Federal Government and Private Sector.

Welcome to Ottawa – the capital city of Canada, where history meets innovation. Famous for its striking Parliament Hill and scenic waterways, Ottawa offers a balance of cultural experiences and a strong technological landscape.

Ottawa’s technology job market thrives on innovation, cybersecurity, and government-related roles. Software engineers, network administrators, and data analysts are in demand in this tech-savvy city.


Top Five Employers in Ottawa:

  1. Shopify: Shopify maintains a significant presence in Ottawa, fostering e-commerce innovation and Ruby on Rails development.
  2. BlackBerry: A renowned technology company specializing in cybersecurity, enterprise software, and IoT solutions.
  3. The Canadian Federal government: Various government departments and agencies hire tech professionals to support their initiatives.
  4. Nortel Networks: A multinational telecommunications company driving advancements in networking technologies.
  5. IBM Canada: With a prominent presence in Ottawa, IBM contributes to the city’s technology landscape through its diverse solutions.

Ottawa also contains Kanata North, a thriving technology hub. Renowned as Canada’s largest technology park, it serves as a magnet for innovative companies and cutting-edge research institutions. Boasting a dynamic ecosystem, Kanata North fosters collaboration and fosters an environment that promotes the growth of tech startups and established tech giants alike. With a focus on industries like telecommunications, software development, cybersecurity, and clean tech, Kanata North continues to attract top talent and remains at the forefront of technological advancements in the region and beyond.

Kanata North

Ottawa is the home of the Federal Government of Canada and therefore has strong public sector employment in a large number of government departments.

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