Ruby on Rails: A Comprehensive Overview for IT Enthusiasts

Ruby on Rails, often simply called “Rails,” is a web application framework written in the Ruby programming language. It was created in 2003 by David Heinemeier Hansson while working on the code base for the Basecamp project management tool. Rails was later released as an open-source project in July 2004. It prioritizes convention over configuration (CoC) and the don’t repeat yourself (DRY) principle.

Ruby on Rails is designed to make it easier to write web applications, including:

  • Building dynamic websites.
  • Creating e-commerce platforms.
  • Crafting custom databases and CRM systems.
  • Building social networking sites.



Convention over Configuration: Rails provides a set of conventions which speeds up the development process.

DRY Principle: Rails emphasizes the reusability of code.

Agile Development: Rails fits very well with the agile methodology of software development.

Rich Libraries: Rails has a vast array of libraries which facilitates faster and easier development.

Active Community: There is a large and active community around Rails which means a lot of resources, plugins, and modules are available.


Performance: Rails can be slower than frameworks written in languages like Java or C++.

Learning Curve: While Ruby is considered beginner-friendly, understanding “The Rails Way” can be a challenge for newbies.

Scalability: High-traffic sites often require optimization and tuning to run efficiently.

RoR developers should have familiarity with languages and technologies such as JavaScript, For front-end interactions and AJAX operations, HTML/CSS: For designing and structuring the web pages and SQL: For database interactions, although Rails uses its own ORM, ActiveRecord, to abstract this.

There are many companies in Ontario that utilized Ruby on Rails as a core language for their technology and may have jobs available including Ottawa’s own Shopify and in Toronto there are others including:

Freshbooks: Cloud-based accounting software.

Kobo: An e-book company.

500px: A photography platform

If you’re looking for your next great Ruby on Rails developer or if you’re looking for a Ruby on Rails job, you can contact us today.