As we discuss IT and modernization needs with different companies, one of the more important aspects of their concerns revolves around cyber security.  With cyber incidents becoming more common, we are hearing the question “what do I need to do to get cyber security insurance? “ .  Companies often find that they are not prepared to complete the questionnaire or are able to not be eligible for cyber security insurance and need to undertake efforts to better fortify their landscape.

Applying for cyber insurance requires thorough preparation and an understanding of your organization’s cyber risk profile. Here’s what you need to do:

Assess Your Operations: Describe your business operations, employee count, customer types, and revenue breakdown.

Evaluate Information Collection: Determine the types of data you collect and its necessity for your operations.

Review Cybersecurity Practices: Document your current cybersecurity plans, protocols, and the qualifications of those in charge.

Analyze Cybersecurity Controls: Examine your physical and technological controls, including encryption, authentication, and firewall protections.

Prepare for Application Questions: Expect to answer detailed questions about your business operations, data collection, cybersecurity practices, and controls in place. Be ready to provide specifics about your security measures, technology used, and future for improvement.

By following these steps and being prepared to answer in-depth questions about your cybersecurity posture, you can effectively navigate the application process for cyber insurance.  At i4C, we can assist with this preparation and prepare a threat risk report to ensure you understand the steps needed to increase your protection from cyber security incidents.  Reach out for more information about how we can support your organization.

If you’re looking to discuss technology optimization contact us today or visit our homepage.

If you’re looking to discuss technology optimization contact us today or visit our homepage.