TBIPS Streams and Categories - i4C

Welcome to our webpage dedicated to identifying the TBIPS streams that i4C has qualified for. Let’s delve into the various streams of TBIPS, providing insights into their unique offerings and how they can benefit your organization. As a leading provider of TBIPS services, we understand the importance of aligning your specific needs with the right stream to maximize your success.

The TBIPS program, administered by the Government of Canada, offers a wide range of professional services to support the government’s information management and technology initiatives. By leveraging the expertise and capabilities of qualified suppliers, the program enables government departments and agencies to access specialized skills and resources for their projects.

By identifying the streams we are qualified for, it gives you an idea of i4C’s experience and the areas in which we could assist your department deliver a successful project.

Throughout this page, we will explore various TBIPS streams, highlighting their areas of focus, expertise, and how they can assist your organization in achieving its objectives. Whether you require assistance with software development, cybersecurity, data analytics, project management, or any other specialized area, TBIPS offers a stream tailored to your specific needs.

 Stream 1 Application Services


A.1 Application/Software Architect

A.2 ERP Functional Analyst

A.3 ERP Programmer Analyst

A.4 ERP System Analyst

A.5 ERP Technical Analyst

A.6 Programmer/Software Developer

A.7 Programmer/Analyst

A.8 System Analyst

A.9 System Auditor

A.10 Test Coordinator

A.11 Tester

A.12 WEB Architect

A.13 WEB Designer

A.14 WEB Developer

A.15 WEB Graphics Designer

A.16 WEB Multimedia Content Consultant

A.17 Webmaster

Stream 3 IM/IT Services

I.1 Data Conversion Specialist

I.2 Database Administrator

I.3 Database Analyst/IM Administrator

I.4 Database/IM Modeller

I.5 IM Architect

I.6 Network Analyst

I.7 Platform Analyst

I.8 Storage Architect

I.9 System Administrator

I.10 Technical Architect

I.11 Technology Architect

Stream 4 Business Services 

B.1 Business Analyst

B.2 Business Architect

B.3 Business Consultant

B.4 Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Specialist

B.5 Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) Consultant

B.6 Business System Analyst

B.7 Business Transformation Architect

B.8 Call Centre Consultant

B.9 Courseware Developer

B.10 Help Desk Specialist

B.11 Instructor, IT

B.12 Network Support Specialist

B.13 Operations Support Specialist

B.14 Technical Writer

 Stream 5 Project Management Services

P.1 Change Management Consultant

P.2 Enterprise Architect

P.3 HR Consultant

P.4 Organizational Development Consultant

P.5 Project Executive

P.6 Project Administrator

P.7 Project Coordinator

P.8 Project Leader

P.9 Project Manager

P.10 Project Scheduler

P.11 Quality Assurance Specialist/Analyst

P.12 Risk Management Specialist

P.13 Independent IT Project Review Team Leader

P.14 Independent IT Project Reviewer

Stream 6 Cyber Protection Services

C.1 Strategic IT Security Planning and Protection Consultant

C.2 IT Security Methodology, Policy and Procedures Analyst

C.3 IT Security TRA and C&A Analyst

C.4 IT Security Product Evaluation Specialist

C.5 PKI Specialist

C.6 IT Security Engineer

C.7 IT Security Design Specialist

C.8 Network Security Analyst

C.9 IT Security Systems Operator

C.10 IT Security Installation Specialist

C.11 IT Security VA Specialist

C.12 Incident Management Specialist

C.13 Physical IT Security Specialist

C.14 IT Security R&D Specialist

C.15 Computer Forensics Specialist

C.16 PIA Specialist

C.17 EMSEC Security Specialist

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