The professional sports world and the business world have many parallels (competition, performance measurement, teamwork, and many more). Over the last few everyone is talking about AI and ChatGPT and I thought I’d share just a few examples of how AI is being used in the sports world for similar reasons:

💪 Improved Performance – data is being analyzed (from wearables, sensors, etc.) to help athletes optimize their training and make better decisions on the ice, field, and court.

🎓 Data-Driven Decisions – Coaches are using AI to analyze massive amounts of data from various events in each game to assist with strategy, player selection, and overall team performance improvement.

📣 Fan Engagement – AI is used to create new fan experiences (in venue and second screen experiences) with real-time insights, more engaging content, and interactive experiences.

👨‍⚕️ Health & Safety – Much like in the health sector in general, AI is being used to analyze data on performance, biometric data, injury warning signs, and much more. 

🏈 Business Performance – As an example, the Canadian Football League‘s partnership with both Genius Sports & RudderStack have uniquely positioned the league to capitalize on the massive amounts of data generated by the league, the teams, and their partners (both in terms of sponsorship assets and driving ticket sales and fan growth).

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