For over 25 years, we’ve been working with managers across the public sector on a wide variety of projects.  More recently, our team has been actively working on several modernization projects across several departments.  It is such an interesting time to be involved in the federal government there are many ongoing data-intensive projects.



Our work has focused on data quality.  Although there are tools such as Snowflake and Talend that are utilized in the Private Sector space they have not yet received their Protected status for the Government of Canada.  There are ways to improve data quality:

  1. Higher Standards include data accuracy, completeness, consistency, and time-bound requirements. For example, in the Health field the UK established a Digital Program of which their first data quality standard was up-to-date patient records, the data validation process verified patient data against external sources from other government databases and healthcare providers
  2. Clean Data – Automation in data quality verification is the name of the game – improvements in automation of data validity processes help identify and correct the inconsistencies in data.
  3. Collaboration – Ensure data providers adhere to the same standards and specifications and can provide feedback.
  4. Analytics and Reporting – Data Quality Reporting helps managers monitor that standards are being met.

If we can provide any guidance to a data-based project or if there are any consulting needs, we would love to schedule a time to discuss further.