Does the data in your system look like this?


data quality



Accuracy of information is paramount whether you’re managing a CRM system, customer database, or any other data repository, the integrity of your data is the foundation of success. Let’s shine a spotlight on an easy-to-understand example: LOCATION.


Why is Data Quality in Location Crucial?


🎯 Precision in Targeting: Accurate location data helps businesses precisely target their audience. Whether it’s for marketing campaigns, sales outreach, or service delivery, getting the location right ensures you’re reaching the right people.


😁 Enhanced Customer Experience: Imagine sending location-based offers or services to the wrong place – not only does it waste resources, but it also leaves a negative impression on customers.


📈 Decision-Making: Strategic decisions rely heavily on location data. From market expansion to resource allocation, data quality is key.


There are many ways to improve this type of data, and here’s three you can start with today:


📜 Implementing Data Governance Policies and data clear data input guidelines can guide your team on data quality best practices. This in turn maintains consistency and accuracy.


🚿 Regular Data Cleansing: Set up routines to clean and update location data regularly. Outdated or incorrect information can lead to missed opportunities. Duplicate data can raise your expenditures or time spent looking for the correct record.


🤖 Automation: Use automation to minimize human error. Implementing automation for data entry and validation can significantly improve location data accuracy, a simple example for the above would be to create a drop-down menu for provinces to ensure correct input. The above and beyond example would be to forego the entering of city and province to instead input Postal Code that automates the data flow to other fields should they be necessary.


Remember, data quality and governance are not just IT concerns; they are organizational responsibilities. By prioritizing data accuracy in location inputs, you’re not only improving your CRM but also strengthening your decision-making, marketing expenditures and customer relationships.

If you’re looking to discuss technology optimization contact us today or visit our homepage.

If you’re looking to discuss technology optimization contact us today or visit our homepage.