Elite athletes and top performing employees share several commonalities. When it comes to their desire to compete/perform/win, they understand the importance of effort (empty the tank), practice (continuous learning and development), and dedication (do whatever it takes). Beyond in person instruction, coaches use a number of tools to develop elite athletes including (but not limited to) the following:

📺 Video Analysis Software – helping athletes identify through footage where they can make adjustments to improve

📈 Performance Tracking Apps – using data to provide guidance and recommendations

🏒 Virtual Training Platforms – simulators that provide real-world scenarios and environments (practice)

💻 E-Learning Tools – instructional videos, courses, and webinars

🏖 Collaboration and Communication Tools – allowing for remote coaching sessions and generally being accessible

As a business leader, do you take a similar approach with your high potential and/or high performing employees? Using a variety of methods and tools, including both traditional (in person) and tech based, provides your employees with opportunities to learn and develop with consistency. This approach allows them to grow outside the borders of the functional requirements of their role and demonstrates that you, their employer, are willing to invest in their growth and development personally and professionally (which in turn ensures longer term commitments/longer tenured employees). Own an internal coaching culture.

If you’d like to find out more about the work i4C has completed in the e-learning space, you can explore our i4C learn page.