i4C Consulting’s key goal is to help our partners across Canada find the most talented candidates to help achieve their business goals.  This often involves placing highly skilled IT consultants however our processes are transferable to other skill sets.  Our successful recruitment process is designed to bring exceptional talent to our clients and ensure the perfect match for both candidates and companies. We begin by thoroughly understanding the client’s requirements and culture, enabling us to create a comprehensive job profile. Leveraging our extensive network and proactive sourcing strategies, we identify and engage with highly qualified candidates, assessing their skills, experience, and cultural fit. Our rigorous screening and interviewing process allows us to shortlist the most promising candidates, whom we present to the client for further evaluation. Through effective communication and transparent feedback, we facilitate productive interviews and assessments, guiding the decision-making process. Once the ideal candidate is selected, we assist with the negotiation of offers, ensuring a successful acceptance. Our commitment to continuous improvement and maintaining strong relationships with both clients and candidates allows us to consistently deliver successful recruitment outcomes that drive organizational growth and individual career advancement.

This successful recruitment was in Ottawa for a SharePoint Consultant.  A part of our partner’s organization had a requirement to transition existing content to SharePoint online and a redesign of various pages including reformatting and layout changes, for improved flow of information and ease of use.  Amongst the tasks that needed to be completed were:

  • Redesign of intranet web content, in both English and French.
  • Improve the user experience including ease of use and access to key documents, online tools and templates, as well as other content .
  • Assist with ongoing initiatives to transition organizational documentation and intranet pages from SharePoint, to SharePoint Online.
  • Analyze current state and provide recommendations on design and layout of the  intranet presence

SharePoint, developed by Microsoft, offers a wide array of benefits that enhance teamwork, productivity, and information management within organizations. With SharePoint, you can easily create, store, and share documents, ensuring seamless collaboration among team members. The platform’s robust version control and document tracking features enable efficient document management and streamlined workflows. Furthermore, SharePoint’s integration with other Microsoft tools, such as Office 365, enhances productivity by providing a unified ecosystem for communication, content creation, and project management. Its powerful search functionality enables quick access to relevant information, saving valuable time and improving efficiency. SharePoint also ensures data security and compliance with built-in permission settings and document-level security. With its customizable design and branding options, SharePoint can be tailored to fit your organization’s unique needs and branding guidelines. In summary, SharePoint empowers businesses with its collaborative features, streamlined processes, enhanced productivity, and secure information management capabilities.

SharePoint is a powerful and multifaceted platform that offers a wide range of functionalities and customization options. However, due to its complexity and extensive capabilities, many organizations find it challenging to implement and optimize SharePoint to meet their specific business needs. This is where SharePoint consultants come into play. SharePoint consultants are experts in the platform, possessing in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in SharePoint development, deployment, and customization. They can help organizations navigate the intricacies of SharePoint, identify the most suitable configurations and features for their unique requirements, and provide guidance on best practices for implementation and adoption. SharePoint consultants can assess an organization’s existing infrastructure, understand their collaboration and content management challenges, and develop tailored solutions to optimize SharePoint’s potential. They can assist in designing intuitive user interfaces, developing customized workflows, integrating third-party applications, and ensuring data security and compliance. SharePoint consultants bring valuable expertise and insights to the table, enabling organizations to maximize the benefits of SharePoint and achieve their collaboration and information management goals effectively.

This is not the only project i4C has completed involving the build of a SharePoint intranet, if you need any assistance building your internal online file sharing and accessibility, contact us today.